Pop Will Eat Itself – New Noise Designed by a Sadist (2011)

I wrote about PWEI just a few weeks back, reminding of their album “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” and announcing the good news: on 3rd October 2011, after a 17 years gap, PWEI will release their sixth studio album entitled “New Noise Designed By A Sadist”. And time’s up, here we go again. 11 tracks, the guys sounds fresh and still kicking like two decades ago and they bring us a little bit of chaos & mayhem, some old-school (cool 🙂 ) noises and anti-plastic anthems. It feels like yesterday, but it’s so now and eventually looking into the future.
In few words: they are back to business! Dig out your dancing shoes, grab your air guitar and bang your head: you’re so wasted!

“Back 2 Business” is only an intro with a groovy beat which – obviously – introduce us to the sixth album of PWEI. Surprisingly, the second track, “Chaos & Mayhem” is a punk rock anthem in electronic disguise. It’s not what anybody might expect after the rocking introduction, but it’s great. Imagine some of The Ramones’ song in some twisted reinterpretation by The Bloodhound Gang.
“Nosebleeder Turbo TV” sounds more like the logical follow up of “Back 2 Business”, kicks out chaotic and loud, but subsequently the noises fill in their places and everything sounds massive and awesome. PWEI know to assemble things simple and effective, the killer beats are colored with the right themes and chords and the guitar and synth play-outs intensify the grooves.
“Captain Plastic” smells like a hit single, a noisy, cyber punk one, but with an absolutely danceable rhythm and a crazy chorus. You will have to struggle not to jump up and do some crazy s*its on this singing the chorus like an idiot.
“Mask” deliver some nice pianos and some murderous noises, it’s like The Stranglers get involved in a collision with the Asian Dub Foundation. Love the vibe!
“Equal Zero” comes like a strike from the outerspace, it’s another excellent candidate to massacre the charts. Absolutely driven with a killer chorus and incredible groove. Catchy as far PWEI can get.
“Oldskool Cool” is an almost classic industrial rock anthem with a dirty guitar riff and some smooth dub aromas. Very singable, very danceable, PWEI managed to deliver pop like songs with anti-pop attitude and combine catchy melodies with grinding noises and they do it smoothly like they hit you right in your face with a smile all over their faces.
“Seek & Destroy” reminds me of The Prodigy and the collaboration between the two bands (“Their Law”), but it has a typical PWEI taste and some exotic aromas and a twist of Beastie Boys from their good times (’86-’94, “Licensed to Ill”-“Ill Communication”).
“Disguise” bring to the surface a cutting edge industrial metal riff, they pumping hard and noisier then ever. “Wasted (part 1)” is another incursion into their wild side, an anthematic industrial rock song while “Wasted (part 1)” bring the closure in a more psychedelic, tripping into the abstract way, reminding me of Gary Numan and Trent Reznor (NIN).


01 – Back 2 Business
02 – Chaos & Mayhem
03 – Nosebleeder Turbo TV
04 – Captain Plastic
05 – Mask
06 – Equal Zero
07 – Oldskool Cool
08 – Seek & Destroy
09 – Disguise
10 – Wasted (part 1)
11 – Wasted (part 2)

Mixed by Sulpher duo Monti & Rob Holliday (also guitarist with Prodigy, Marilyn Manson).
“New Noise Designed by a Sadist” is a classic PWEI album released 25 years after their first EP and proving that they still have lot to deliver.
I’m absolutely sucker for this.

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