Sebastian Bach – Kicking & Screaming (2011)

Bach is back. 43 years old, eventually heavier with a few pounds or “just” wiser, but still and stubbornly wild. Skid Row had sold 20 million albums worldwide in the beginning of the 90s and Bach was one of my favorite singers along Mike Patton and Devin Townsend (mainly for his brilliant vocal performance from Vai’s “Sex & Religion”). Bach was kicked out of the band in 1996 when he booked a show where Skid Row would have opened for KISS while the other band members told Bach that Skid Row was too big to be an opening act. Ironically enough, four years later, Skid Row was one of the opening acts for the 2000 Kiss Farewell Tour with new lead vocalist Johnny Solinger. About a future reunion with his formal band Bach recently said: he’s not “youth gone wild” any more.
Well, fortunately “Kicking & Screaming” sounds pretty wild and Bach seems to be the same energy full heavy metal singer who he ever was.

For the last two years (2009-2010) Bach toured as an opening act for Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy Tour” and “Angel Down”, he’s previous solo album was released back in 2007. But generally speaking, he kept himself pretty busy. Back in 2006 Bach was part of the VH1 show “Supergroup” with Ted Nugent, Evan Seinfeld, Jason Bonham and Scott Ian and they are formed a band called Damnocracy for the reality show, during which they lived in a mansion in Las Vegas for twelve days and created music. Bach recorded some backing vocals for Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy”, and toured also with Poison, Dokken and Jamey Jasta.
This year his New Jersey home was damaged by Hurricane Irene and several Kiss and Skid Row artifacts, including Skid Row master tapes, were destroyed.


01. Kicking & Screaming (3:17)
02. My Own Worst Enemy (3:44)
03. Tunnelvision (feat. John 5) (3:49)
04. Dance On Your Grave (3:27)
05. Caught In A Dream (3:39)
06. As Long As I Got The Music (3:37)
07. I’m Alive (4:21)
08. Dirty Power (3:05)
09. Live The Life (3:50)
10. Dream Forever (4:14)
11. One Good Reason (4:41)
12. Lost In The Night (4:28)
13. Wishin’ (4:57)

Land Gigs

“Kicking & Screaming” is a quite 90s taste like American heavy metal album with all the good riffs, pounding drums and Bach’s powerful vocal performance. Some riffs and themes might sound even familiar, that’s how classy it is, but this music seems and sounds ageless and extremely strong. Just like “Slave to the Grind” two decades ago – God, can’t believe it!!! – this is a perfect mixture of tasty american hard rock and heavy metal, grinding guitars and tasty, melodious vocals. We’ve got 13 songs, no fills, only quality metal. I might be a little bit nostalgic or something, but this is just feels alright.
The album will be released on September 27, 2011 in North America, September 23, 2011 in Europe, and September 21, 2011 in Japan. Bach is back and he’s kicking and screaming.

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