Noisuf-X – Dead End District (2011)

Noisuf-X, the side-project of X-Fusion – German musician, producer & DJ, Jan L. – build an apocalyptic world of out harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and sequences upon simple, linear, even near-monotony tempos and construction alike many other German electro outfits since the pioneer Kraftwerk up to nowadays Atari Teenage Riot.
In 1988, Jan L. began producing music on a Commodore 64 combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. Constantly he upgraded to better equipment and technology evolution, releasing more improved and better productions as technology evolved.
While under the moniker of X-Fusion he’s style of music evolved in the direction of Techno/Acid/House, with Noisuf-X get down on the path of EBM to get to power noise and aggrotech including some breakcore and technoid influences.

Fuck, I’m really not an expert on this! 😆 😆 😆
So, as Jan L. define he’s own project: “The project´s definition is simple and clear: An apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what NOISUF-X, the side-project of X-FUSION, is dealing with. It describes a cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences. The recurrent soundstructures and its simple monotony build a catchy opposite to X-FUSION.”

Track list:

01 – Stay Still
02 – Clubhit
03 – Es Wird Brennen…
04 – Done In 15 Minutes
05 – Strange Signal
06 – First Time Optimistic
07 – Shout Loud
08 – Fulfill Its Promise
09 – Wir F-hlen Den Krach
10 – Future Ska (Featuring Population)
11 – What
12 – HiFi
13 – MurderHouse

“Dead End District” is another powerful release balancing between dancfloor pulse and industrial noises. This is a club compatible material, but still quite intense one. For this album Noisuf-X collaborating with one of the biggest SKA-Newcomers around:‘Population from U.K. and they delivered a noisy and high-energy future Industrial-Ska product. Worth to check it out!

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