Angelspit – Hello My Name Is (2011)

This is the fourth installment from the Australian cyber-punkrockers Angelspit scheduled to be released on October 11, 2011. The band lately were enforced by addition of three new members: guitarist Valerie Gentile (Black Tape for a Blue Girl, The Crüxshadows), drummer Chris Kling (Hanzel und Gretyl, Mortiis) and video-jammer The Liar, and “Hello My Name Is” bring to the surface the same angry, noisy and ravishing electro-punk rock, eventually even more furious and viciously distorted.
And actually “Hello My Name Is” is fresh, groovy, noisy, but still melodious, catchy, full of tasty cyber punk themes, excellent, killer tracks.

Angelspit was formed in 2004 by vocalists/synthesists Destroyx (Amelia Tan AKA Amelia Arsenic) and ZooG (Karl Learmont AKA Karl Von Rock) in Sydney, Australia, but they relocated in New York City and Berlin Germany, they have churned out eight releases over the past seven years and have played many major European festivals (Mera Luna, Summer Darkness, Wave Gothic Treffin and more), toured North America, Europe and UK twice and Australia 3 times. They have shared the stage with KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Sisters of Mercy,Nitzer Ebb, Lords Of Acid, Architect, Legendry Pink Dots, Mortiis and many others. Also, among other bands, Ministry and KMDFM have requested Angelspit remixes.
Angelspit have declared war on all things that hold back creativity and freedom of expression. They desire to inspire you to explore the ideas and dreams that you have and make them real and make music and art that is not bound to a genre or scene. As they stated: “Glamour is made of a substance called ‘incredibly hard fucking work'”.

Track listing:

01. Cubicle
02. Counterfeit
03. Vermin
04. Catatonic
05. Monkey Byte
06. Defibrillator
07. Bullet Proof
08. Static
09. Jailbait
10. Deadly
11. Violence

Preview tracks

Zoog said: “The album was co-produced and mixed by Alan Labiner. “Alan is going to do to Electro Punk music what Dr. Dre did to hip-hop: make it amazing!”.
And the album is fulfilled with good stuffs.
“Cubicle” is a noisy, contorted opening track with a deep, groovy bass; “Counterfeit” explode violently, is a perfect blending of noise aggression and punk rawness; “Vermin” merged some dancfloor rhythms with 8-bit sounds and cutting riffs, it’s pure madness; “Catatonic” is a pounding punk rock anthem placed inside the middle of the cyber-electro sound construction and it have a weird theme; “Monkey Byte” is violent and groovy, just blow right in your face with its distorted sounds and contorted grooves; “Defibrillator” is a killer mixture of 8-bit/Nintendo sound-like synth and electro punk themes; “Bullet Proof” is an almost classic punk-rock anthem, “Static” pushes the things further to the industrial rock area; “Jailbait” is a noisy cyber punk anthem with shattered groove; “Deadly” comes crushing to the dancefloor while “Violence” is a smooth, subtle EBM taste-like track with a nice groove.
Mindblowing. Great band, super album. The future sound murderous!

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