Victorian Halls – Charlatan (2011)

This isn’t Metal, but I love its vibe and it’s noisy enough. But if you ask me, “Burn Me Up Like a Wax-Kissed Letter” it’s heavier than most of the so-called “alternative metal anthems” the media try so hard to sell us day after day. And when a band labeled “Pop” becomes heavier than bands labeled “Metal”, it’s something very wrong with this world we’re pissing on.
Juggling between Noisecore and Power/Dance Pop, this Chicago four-piece band find an exciting crack on the music pallet to breaking through at and “Charlatan”, the band’s debut album comes crushing like a hurricane with songs as “A Crush Is A Crush”, the retro dizziness of “Lucky 16” or the bursting energy of “It All Started In The Hall” and won’t let you (sit) down for a second, leave no space to take even a breath.
This is the future sound of the dancefloor and it’s definitively makes you jump off your shoes and do some crazy things.

Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction called the band’s music a “high-strung theatrical sound … punchy and tight, the sound of Saturday night” and definitively, Victorian Halls find something of their own, Sean, Carlos, Michael and Jordan delivering not songs, but dynamites and all of them will explode right in your face if you don’t pay attention.
Halfway between Punk rawness and Pop musicality, right between street riots and club parties, blending Garage Rock with Power Electronica, combining dance themes and pop-song writing abilities with teenage rebellion and the wildness of youth, Victorian Halls make the perfect mix of high energy music and explosive sound and this is the new level of power and shows the path to the future.
Awesome. Mind-blowing… leg-shaking. 😀

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