Buckethead – Empty Space, Underground Chamber, Look Up There (2011)

Buckethead’s 32nd studio album, as well the second edition in the Buckethead Pikes series following “It’s Alive” . More experimental, much heavier, contorted, but beautiful, “Empty Space” with a total length of 32 minutes (ten songs) bring to the surface some intense riffs, noisy textures and wild, hurricane-like solos, but also funky basses, avant-garde experiments, industrial soundscapes, in few words, Buckethead shot all his big guns at our ears and once again he spare no energy to create music. Can’t stick labels to this, can’t force it into some boxes, his music have no genre, but style and class. Probably both, genius and madman, Buckethead is by excellence the most fascinating guitar wizard.

On August 17th, Buckethead released the long awaited regular edition of the 2010’s “Untitled” album, “3 Foot Clearance” via the Buckethead Pikes website. Along with this, Buckethead also released 2 new CD’s entitled “Underground Chamber” and “Look Up There”, both being the fourth and fifth installments of the Buckethead Pikes series.
“Empty Space” is a trip through every music style and genre you can think of: from the most brutal riffs to smooth jazz construction and from industrial noises to funk and acoustic, classic taste-like passages, in only 32 minutes, Buckethead prepare and serve all of them. Surprisingly, it doesn’t sound that dizzy at might you imagine, he managed to link perfectly all that different sounds and approaches together and blend them perfectly. Or not that surprisingly considering that this is his 32nd studio album not to mention and count all the other projects and collaboration he have been involved since 1988.
“Underground Chamber” is a only one track record, over 30 minutes in length, still, the shortest Buckethead’s studio album to date. According to the Buckethead Pikes website: “It is the documentation of the discovery and the exploration of the underground section of Bucketheadland” – and have to admit it, it just as same colorful and constantly shifting construction/composition as the 10 tracks of “Empty Space”.
“Look Up There” consist of two tracks – “Golden Eyes” and the title track – with a total length of 32:29 minutes. It’s a more smoother material than its predecessors, but not less expressive. Words are not actually very useful when it comes down to describe Buckethead’s music, better listen to yourself and enjoy the oasis of madness generously shared with us by Buckethead.

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