Aram Bajakian’s Kef – Aram Bajakian’s Kef (2011)

Listening to the almost raging, furious and noisy guitar hurricanes of “Sepastia” it’s obvious why Lou Reed ask guitarist Aram Bajakian to perform guitar on his summer tour. And Aram Bajakian’s Kef is electrifying. “Sumlinian” is blowing like a chainsaw from one ear to the other and will leave you breathless. Aram Bajakian – Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – Acoustic Bass and Tom Swafford – Violin delivered an unique and extremely groovy mixture of traditional Klezmer music with Garage Rock resonances, merged electric explosions with sensitive acoustic braiding, combined the energy of the free Jazz improvisation with the clearness and smoothness of classic and traditional music, Aram Bajakian’s Kef puts on the same level the bursting electric guitar shredding and the joyful violin plays.
I was at the middle of the 5th track, “Wroclaw”, when I noticed there’s no drums or percussion in this… Holy Moses!

It’s been a while since I’ve listen something that breathing and alive. Perhaps it was “Enigmata”… with other two genius: Marc Ribot and Trevor Dunn. This is something quite different, further innovative. Actually I can’t recall anything less creative released by Zorn’s Tzadik.
“Raki” blasting again the fusion side of the group while the haunting themes of “48 Days” and “Pear Tree” bring to the surface the magic charm of the traditional Jewish music.
Throw in a (music) blender the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the raging explosion of a garage Rock band and you will came up with something near to what Aram Bajakian’s Kef delivered. Hypnotizing.

Track list:

01. Pear Tree
02. Sepastia
03. Laz Bar
04. Sumlinian
05. Wroclaw
06. Karasalama
07. Hayastan
08. Raki
09. Pineta
10. Shish
11. 48 Days
12. La Rota

Aram Bajakian – Official Site
Aram Bajakian’s Kef
Cat. # 7803
Released Jul 2011
cd time – 46:56
US Price $16.00

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