Antenna Trash – Ded Comes for Ded (2011)

Free stuffs are good stuffs. Worth to give a try, listen to, download for free from their Bandcamp page.
Antenna Trash merged Glitch-Wave with Post Punk, noisy garage Rock guitars with electronic layers and textures, Punk energy with Disco beats and the result is something between Devo and Joy Division, eventually between TV On The Radio and Victorian Halls.
Named themselves after a song of the German experimental electropop band Lali Puna, Sebastiano Meneghini – vocals, guitar, percussion; Marco Menegazzi – bass, vocals; Alessandro Monaco – synthesizer, groovebox, vocals, noises and Alberto Casagrande – drums, percussion, vocals introduce themselves and their music with this four track release. Enjoy it!

Formed in Verona, Italy in 2008, Antenna Trash had a very intense activity performing live along internationally renowned bands such as Crocodiles, Simian Mobile Disco, Stereo Mc’ s, A Toys Orchestra and many more. In 2010 they represented the Veneto region at Italia Wave Love Festival.
“Ded Comes for Ded” is an exciting mixture of different elements and style, Antenna Trash incorporates from New Wave electronics to Noise Rock and from Post Punk to Electro Dub all the ingredients of contemporary music, managed to create a catchy balance between Disco and Rock, Pop and Noise.

Antenna Trash @ Bandcamp
Antenna Trash @ MySpace

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