Voice Of Ruin – Self Titled (2011)

Honestly, what would be your first thoughts if I say France? Obviously Paris. Champs-Elyses, The Arc de Triomphe, perhaps Montparnasse, champagne, sophisticated food – well, I’m not so sure what to think of onion soup, but I’m nothing but a peasant 😀 -, chansons – Edith Piaf, glamour and only now we’re getting to the point: women and sex. This was brutal? What about a blowjob for a call girl? “But let’s be frank, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. The public only cares about sex and money. And it’s for this reason that VOICE OF RUIN is brutal and sexual, and that we band members enjoy drinking beer. That’s knowing how to sell yourself and when you sell, you make dough and with that dough you get more beer, bitches and drugs” – says the guys from Voice Of Ruin and well, what the hell, probably they’re right.

This is a youthful rumbling, lot of enthusiasm but yet, not enough originality. Randy Schaller – voice, Nils Horngacher and Marc Chevalley – guitars, Erwin Bertschi – bass and Olivier Sutter – drums delivered a perfect picture of nowadays metalcore patterns and cliches, actually they do a pretty good job, but they didn’t managed to bring into it something from their own spirit. They delivering an instant burst of adrenalin, playing fast, pumping high-energy and rage in their songs and well, for some youngsters and a debut material, this is quite alright. More gigs and less beer probably might put them further, and sometimes “growing up” are not that bad as it may sound.

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