Vicious Rumors – Razorback Killers (2011)

There’s no future without past, and maybe for some youngsters it may seems incredible, Vicious Rumors are on the heavy metal scene for 32 years, being one of the true “defenders of the faith”. And not only accidentally I quote the 1984s Judas Priest album’s title, on “Razorback Killers” introduced him self for the first time on a Vicious Rumors album vocalist Brian Allen, another old acquaintance from the mid 80s when he was the front-man of the band Malice and they stroked with albums such “In the Beginning…” and “Licence to Kill”. Back then Brian Allen were widely compared to Metal God Rob Halford and his voice still have the same power and characteristics.
While composer and guitarist Geoff Thorpe is the only constant member right from the beginning, “Razorback Killers” is “only” the band’s tenth studio album, but features several guest musicians including former guitarist Mark McGee.

Released on March 28, 2011, “Razorback Killers” is an absolute heavy metal classic, but also sounds quite fresh and powerful, Brian Allen brings all the heights and power screams, Geoff Thorpe and Kiyoshi Morgan delivered strong riffs and classy solos while the rhythm section made of Larry Howe on drums and Stephen Goodwin complete the line-up and transform Vicious Rumors in a powerful metal machinery.
Nothing revolutionary, just pure (American) stainless steel. Mandatory for Priest fans, but not exclusively for them.

Track listing:

01. “Murderball” – 4:09
02. “Razorback Blade” – 4:15
03. “Black” – 6:01
04. “Bloodstained Sunday” – 5:52
05. “Pearl of Wisdom” – 6:34
06. “All I Want is You” – 4:28
07. “Axe to Grind” – 3:37
08. “Let the Garden Burn” – 5:08
09. “Right of Devastation” – 4:23
10. “Deal with the Devil” – 7:08

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