Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Deaden The Fields (2011)

This one comes from Australia and it’s a creative, breathing mixture of rock/post-rock elements with progressive and space-rock music and avant-garde jazz experiments while the space between is filled up with noises, intelligently built in electronica and cinematic soundscapes. Very fresh, unpredictable, colourful, flowing and ever changing.
“TToL emerged from the shadows of the Australian live scene with the release of their 2008 EP,Tiny Fragments and 2009 split EP with Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves. While their EPs attracted attention from
reviewers and punters alike, it’s as an intense and fiercely engaging live act that TToL have built their reputation in Australia. Through dozens of local headline shows,and supporting touring acts such as Australian prog heavywieghts Karnivool and Canadian doom lords Nadja in 2010, TToL have demanded attention and amassed a loyal following.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving spent the first three months of 2011 recording their debut album, Deaden the Fields. Recorded by the band’s own Ron Pollard and mastered by Swedish legend Pelle Henricsson (Cult of Luna, Refused, Poison the Well), Deaden the Fields is as emotive as it is technical; as melodic as it is abrasive. Led by classical-inspired piano playing and incredible technical drumming, Deaden the Fields is piece of art dripping with intensity, emotion and attention to detail. 62 minutes of progressive music across six tracks.” (Official Bio)
Can listen/buy their debut full-length at their Bandcamp page. They delivered 6 glowing tracks, a quite exciting hour of MUSIC filled with mainly complex, epic compositions nicely linked between.
While the opening “Landmarks” runs for over 17 minutes, the shortest one is “And Sever Us From the Present” with its only 4 minutes. But this is a complex and compact work, once you’re in its flow, you can stop swimming around in its beautiful circles. The album have a sparkling glow and an excellent groove, there’s a perfect balance between motion and emotion.

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