Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie single and Road Trippin Through Time promo (2011)

Five years are equal of a lifetime in the music industry nowadays. The “Road Trippin Through Time” is a radio station issued, promotion only CD featuring 18 of the band’s biggest hits from “Give It Away” to “Californication” and from “Soul To Squeeze” to “Tell Me Baby”, all of them from the Warner Brothers era and in radio edited format.
Since “Stadium Arcadium” John Frusciante left once again the band and he was replaced by Josh Klinghoffer who joined Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2007 on the final few legs of their Stadium Arcadium tour, performing additional guitar, backing vocals, and keyboard parts alongside the band.
The new album, entitled “I’m with You”, is schedule to be released August 30, 2011, introduced by the reminder of the band through the radio promo album and a new single: “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie” released to radio on July 15, 2011 and available via iTunes.

Hard to make a relevant opinion listening only one song, but this “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie” didn’t really stir up any interest. This is just a mediocre, 80’s smell like theme played chill by a cool band. If it would be mailed by an unknown band as a demo tape to the radios, I guess it wouldn’t make it to airplay.
Good to listen again “Suck My Kiss”, “Breaking The Girl”, “Under The Bridge”, “By The Way” and “Snow (Hey Oh)”, actually I was thinking these days that I don’t even have time anymore to listening the old stuffs I used to love, so, it’s still a good vibe to listen RHCP, but I’m kind of afraid of “I’m with You”…

Track list:

01 Give It Away 4:46
02 Under The Bridge 4:36
03 Suck My Kiss 3:37
04 Scar Tissue 3:38
05 Breaking The Girl 4:56
06 Around The World 4:00
07 Otherside 4:17
08 Aeroplane 4:12
09 Californication 5:22
10 By The Way 3:37
11 Snow (Hey Oh) 5:37
12 Soul To Squeeze 4:52
13 Tell Me Baby 4:10
14 Dani California 4:45
15 Can’t Stop 4:31
16 Parallel Universe 4:32
17 The Zephyr Song 3:54
18 Road Trippin’ 3:25

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Official Site
The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie – iTunes

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