Panzer Princess – Get Off My Back (2011)

Sleazy, ripped off from two decades ago, the Swedish Panzer Princess brings back the sparkling of glam metal just like it was yesterday. In June I had Michael Monroe of the Finnish Hanoi Rocks brand new album “Sensory Overdrive”, and the spirit of Hanoi Rocks, L.A. Guns, Mötley Crüe, Vain, Vixen, Faster Pussycat, Dogs Damoúr, and all the other sometimes called “hair-metal” bands of the 80s is all over on this “Get Off My Back”. And well, “Get Off My Back” and it’s 12 tracks are not just a fine time-capsule, but this dirty rock’n’roll sounds quite fresh and while nowadays everybody follows exclusively trendy patterns, it’s quite a rock’n’roll suicide.

Tank Hooker – guitar and vocals, Sir Alex – bass and vocals, Clueless Phil – vocals and harmonica and Simon LaRue – drums plays the same old, bad attitude filthy, gutter-level rock and roll, eight of the songs were also included on the “Oh No, It’s Panzer Princess” from 2009, but probably some might miss them back then, so, if you still have some guts, it’s time to put some make-up on, use you’re baby’s hair-spray and get back to the shameless 80s.

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