NaRick – Suburban Industrial Landscape (2011)

Stumbled into at Absetzer by mistake or luck, “Suburban Industrial Landscape” is a quite contorted release balancing between powernoise grindings and trance themes, rhythm noise and industrial butcheries.
Eight tracks of intense aggression, no mercy. Interesting, good mixture of noisy elements and the more musical textures. In a club this rip off your head and still, it’s quite danceable.
This seems to be the third album from Russian one man band NaRick – Nariman Kagermanov -, including tracks written between 2009 and 2010.

Track list:

01. Suburban Industrial Landscape
02. Abandoned Factory
03. Elimination Squad
04. Ennui
05. Power Supply
06. Mental Masturbation
07. Ultrasonic
08. Rhythmic Anatomy

NaRick @ V-Kontakte

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