Mindplotter – Coma (2011)

Mindplotter is a one-man project from Ukraine and “Come” is the second album after the 2010’s “La Beauté De La Solitude” exploring an electro-industrial, experimental area with noise and breakbeat textures, but also including colourful influences also from The Chemical Brothers, God Is Astronaut, DJ Shadow, Unkle and Massive Attack.
“Coma” sounds like a battle-ground for post-rock and ambiental music, it’s a collision between genres, matchcore and cinematic, smooth soundscapes are merged into one, glowing and colourful music.
Organic and mechanic, rock and electronic music blended together and the result is quite dynamic and exciting.

Dreamy and melancholic moments are present just like the noisy riffs or pounding drums, it’s an exciting dialogue and songs like “Debris”, “Otiose Dreamer”, “Peekaboo”, “Swan Sky” are quite interesting compositions, a good, tasteful blending of styles and genres.

Mindplotter @ last.fm
Mindplotter @ V-Kontakte

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