Kauan – Kuu.. (2011)

“Kuu” is the Finish word for “moon” while “Kauna” means “long”. Kauan started by Anton Belov in February 2005 at Chelyabinsk, Russia. Belov also play under the moniker Helengard with Alina “Witch_A.” Roberts (Inferno, ex-Semargl) and in the project called inea with Ilya Rikhter (from K Seven and R Is For Rockets). Kauna started as a folk black band and in 2006 Lubov Mushnikova joined the band as a violin player. The duo moved in the direction of folk doom and grown into folk rock/post rock maintaining their gloomy, epic sound. Even though the band is from Russia, they writes lyrics both in Russian and Finnish language. “Kuu…” is their forth full-length album and it’s probably their most sophomore, experimental and colorful release up to date.

Beside Belov (vocals, guitars, keys, programming) and Lubov Mushnikova (violin), on “Kuu..” features as guest-stars Alina Roberts – vocals, Vitaly Tretjakov – bass guitar, Alexander Zasipkin – drums and Vladimir Seroukhov – additional guitars. The 4 epic tracks of the album it’s a beautiful journey to the frozen Northern universe build up on the harmonious dialogue of classic rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums) and the piano and violin, filled with discrete keyboards textures and the contrasting voices of Belov and Alina Roberts, on one hand symbols for summer and winter, on the other hand powerful expression of the man-woman relation.
It’s a beautiful, gloomy, but sparkling album, “Kauniin Kuun Savelen” have a twist of Dead Can Dance, the keyboard them and textures of “Tahtien Hiljainen Laulu” reminds me of the “X-Files” theme, “Suora Liila Sydankayra” bring to the surface their darker and metaler roots while “Ikuinen Junan Kulku” is a more cinematic and enigmatic song, a perfect mixture of acoustic and electronic elements.

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