Irvin Mayfield – A Love Letter to New Orleans (2011)

“I Wish I Was in New Orleans (In the Ninth Ward)” – this Tom Waits song it just stuck in my mind since I herded it for the first time, just like some imagines from the Alan Parker’s movie “Angel Heart”. I never been in New Orleans…
Irvin Mayfield, Jr. born in New Orleans on December 23, 1977 is a jazz trumpeter and bandleader, he co-founded and has co-led the Afro-Cuban jazz group Los Hombres Calientes since 1998. while their debut album won Billboard’s 2000 Contemporary Latin Jazz Album of the Year. “A Love Letter to New Orleans” includes 14 selections from Mayfield’s 10-album recording career on Basin Street Records.

Mayfield exploring an exciting and fresh blending of Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz with tasty twist of Post-bop. The CD includes selections from the four critically acclaimed Los Hombres Calientes albums featuring Bill Summers and drummer Jason Marsalis. It also includes selections from Strange Fruit, and Love Songs & Duets, Mayfield’s seminal recording with Ellis Marsalis. Other selections include collaborations with mentor and Grammy-award winning Wynton Marsalis, and the 80-piece Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

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