Hidden Number – Human_Error (2011)

I’m an idiot and well, I’m the first to admit it, but do you ever think of yourself as a Pavlov’s dog? Work from 9 to 6 – quite a slavery -, been attracted by a particular type of man or woman, eat the same type of shit and drink the same kind of beer – or whatever, watch the same TV channels and listen the same kind of music… If this is not the case of conditioning, I don’t know what it is. And our world getting grayer and grayer each and every day by eliminate the alternatives and everything comes down to be black or white. Or zeros and ones. Fucking spooky. But we’re tired and bored because we don’t see the third option. And well, talking bout numbers, there’s always a third option. And a forth, and so on. Hidden numbers…
And human errors.
Dean Swanson and his Hidden Number is a good opportunity to break the chain and listening something else which will do not fit in the boxes, you can stick labels to it. Well, only if there’s something human still left in you and you didn’t become completely a Pavlov’s dog…

Comparing is a major human error, but imagine Tito and Tarantula jamming with some guys from a real rough hardcore band on some King Crimson themes. Neurotic and explosive, gloomy and mysterious, shady and filled with sparkling, beautiful highlights. Expect the unexpected.

“Dean Swanson, guitarist/keyboard/vocalist, and Joe Stuhff, bassist, moved to Seattle following a mysterious vision brought on by a fasting expedition. Kai Strandskov, drummer, was introduced to them via a mutual friend and avid collector of the arcane. Josh Anderson, guitars/keyboards, managed to escape an Oregonian commune and his own hallucinations, to preemptively wait for everyone to arrive and form the collective we know today.” (Official Bio)
After their debut release, the ten songs of “Burn Alive”, “Human_Error” released on May 5, 2011 consist of five tracks which will take you on a hell of a ride from the dark and subtle themes with roots back to Southern rock to painful explosions of the angriest hardcore riffings and on our way we will cross through psychedelic moments, space rock explorations and convulsive constructions of shady sounds or some exciting jazzy moments. This is something just nothing like.
Quite scary, but don’t be afraid… Be a good dog….

Hidden Number – Official Site
Hidden Number @ MySpace

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