Evan Brewer – Alone (2011)

I never heard of him about one hour ago, as I never listen The Faceless, the technical death metal band in which he recently filled the bass player position. Evan was a former member of Animosity and Reflux, also filled in for two other bands, A Life Once Lost and Terror on tour, jammed with Vinyl Soup and started a project with Barry Donegan of Look What I Did. So, a bass player releasing a solo album exclusively playing bass is kind of odd even in more experimental genres as jazz for example, while the market for these kinds of acts is very limited. “Alone” is not about death metal, actually is not about any particular genre, is about music. Music played exclusively on bass, extremely technically, but also exciting and pretty soulful. Evan shifting smoothly between moods, approaches, styles and genres, “Alone” have some classic vibe, but incorporates rock, jazz and fusion flavors.

Quite sparking, beautiful and absolutely fluid, “Alone” released on June 28 by Sumerian Records, is an excellent instrumental album by an excellent young instrumentalist, and well, it was an awesome surprise actually.

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Sumerian Records

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