Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Rhythm Of Machines (2011)

Die Krupps celebrate 30 years (1981-2011) of “True Work” by a joint European tour with Nitzer Ebb. This is a limited CD and it has been sold exclusively during the “Join In The Rhythm of Machines tour” at the merchandising booth. The CD contains two Nitzer Ebb and two Die Krupps tracks, each re-arranged by the other band. Die Krupps re-worked “On The Road” and “Blood Money” while Nitzer Ebb delivered their versions for “High Tech Low Life” and “To The Hilt”.
Good to remember there were bands doing this three decades ago, good to listen some good-old fashioned EBM/industrial, absolutely classy and with style and taste. And well, pretty good to see them still pumping alive and surprisingly – or not – sometimes they are fresher than many of nowadays “born dead” products…

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