Black Spires – — (2011)

“This is a collection of demo’s, not a real album,” and it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the band’s Bandcamp page. Black Spires are a new band from Ghent, Belgium, consist of Olivier Copejans – music, vocals, guitars and programmed/played drums and bass, and Kristof Luyckx – guitar, working together since 2010. Imagine H.P. Zinker playing Pink Floyd songs (the 1967-1972 period) in a garage. It’s quite exciting, a little bit psychedelic, but cutting, drowned in the garage/noise rock approach and sound. Slower, tensioned moments are twisted into explosive, noise rock avalanches, they use exciting shifting of moods and themes, maintaining an intense groove, alternating  subtle, sometimes acoustic moments with intense and inspired rock themes, noisy releases.

Five songs (Scars, Exit, Smoking Out The Coward, Reunite and She Likes Superior), an excellent and very promising start, I hope they keep up working, I’m really expecting now a great album by them!

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