Black Jet Radio – Sex Sex Riot (2011)

It might sounds “dusty”, but this is absolutely straight, dirty, garage rock and raw as it is, no polish needed, this is only (“ugly”) rock’n’roll with roots both back to glam and punk rock.
Formed at Fort Wayne, Indiana, by guitarist and bass player Brian Jenkins of The Sacred Broncos and singer Danisha Jenkins. They recruited Shelby Siefring of Thunderhawk to work on drums and Danielle Teagarden on bass and guitar. Some of their first tracks, “Dead Wine” and “Ugly” brought to mind a Blondie meets The New York Dolls kind of approach mixed with Cabaret inspired vocals.
Singed to Riot House Records, their debut full-length album, “Sex Sex Riot” hits the stores in May 2011.

We’ve got eight tracks, no brain surgery, only pounding drums, pumping basses, rough guitars and Danisha Jenkins sometimes sensual, other times simply spitting like vocals, this is quite old-school, but still full of energy and freshness, breathing and alive rock’n’roll, much more exciting than most of the so-called indie and alternative, post-whatever rock shits over-produced and over-flowing the market nowadays.

SexSexRiot by blackjetradio

Black Jet Radio – Official Site
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