Allcoy – Loud Music For Quiet People (2011)

Promised to be the new grunge revelation, Allcoy have delayed only one decade and so.You can get a taste of what they call “Allcore” at their  Bandcamp page and buy their debut album if you like it. And these four guys from Detroit, Josh Augustine, Bryan Aldrich, Anthony Palsgrove and Drew Easton, delivering a pretty tasty alternative rock material with catchy grunge after-taste. It might be kind of out-dated and retro, but still, they write some good riffs, catchy themes and put together a couple of groovy rock songs. When most of the trendy bands are completely predictable, something “out of the beat”, even if it’s quite familiar, are sometimes a bless. And Allcoy brings back something from the rawness of the early Nirvana, the heaviness of Godsmack and the attitude of Stone Temple Pilots and blended all of this elements in their own high-energy rock. 

They said about “Loud Music For Quiet People” that “holds at least one song that will promisingly please everyones ears and hearts.” Well, this sometimes might be a little bit problematic, but after getting through the whole material, generally speaking I’m quite pleased with what I heard, Allcoy brings back something from the unpolished, straight, pure rock attitude which is mostly lacking many of the nowadays bands. “Collar”, “Pretty Ugly”,”Until Then”, “Waves” definitely reminds me of an unleashed Kurt Cobain, “Happy Ever After” is quite gloomy and intense, “Toothache” shifting between being heavy and smooth, and each song have at least a good riff, a rememberable verse or chorus, Allcoy managed to find the perfect dosage of a little bit of something for everybody and it might be a “commercial” approach, still, they rocks pretty hard.
Nick Diener of The Swellers – guest star on “Wave” – says, “Just so glad that there’s a new band from Michigan that doesn’t have super shitty haircuts or play wussy pop mosh music. Thanks for actually writing with angst and not triggering your drums like a dickhead and using excessive vocal tuning. Relieved. The Swellers will be playing many a show with these boys.”

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