48V – South II (2011)

In 1966, Neumann GmbH of Berlin, Germany, presented a new type of transistorized microphone to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. Norwegian Radio had requested phantom-powered operation. Since NRK already had 48 volt available in their studios for their emergency lighting systems, this voltage was therefore used for powering the new microphones, KM 84 model, and is the origin of 48-V phantom power.
“South II” is the second full-length album by 48V from Hunan, Chengdu, China and it’s instrumental. A quite interesting blending of post-rock and electronic elements into a flowing, growing, sparkling music with a nice, electric groove and some catchy themes.
And considering they name, I might be wrong thinking of 48 volt while their MySpace URL is 48… vodka. 😀

阿 勇 – drums,programming and keyboard, 小5 – guitar, 苏哲维 – guitar and 黄雨 – bass delivered 9 beautiful tracks, they music is calm, spacy, still filled with hidden shades of tension and electrifying breaks, eruptions. I was expected more exotic – Chinese – themes dissolved in their quite Western music, I guess, it would be more exciting. Still, after a gap of five years, a number of personnel changes,  48V has created a nice,  breathing and alive, “South II” have a nice groove and flows like a river, has a particular charm and warmness.

Track list:

01. Intro
02. 清明 – Qing Ming
03. 西街 – The West Street
04. 十年 – 10 Years
05. 黄小虎从窗台纵身一跃 – Tiger Huang Jumped From A Window
06. 寄信 – Send A Letter
07. 碎花布星系 – Floral Fabric Galaxy
08. NO:5
09. 龙门阵 – Chat

48V @ MySpace
1724 Records

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