The Lollipops – Hold! (2011)

Available in many flavors and shapes, mounted on a stick and intended for sucking or licking, the lollipops are hard candies. Chosen as band name is not quite inspired, plenty of artist/bands all over the world use it in different forms. This time, this “The Lollipops” are from Olsztyn, Poland and “Hold!” is filled up with smooth, kind of retro and tasty rock with gloomy indie flavor mixed with some blues, pop and punk spices, reminds me mainly of the good-old days Blondie combined with the doo-wop taste of the song “Blue Moon” in the version of The Marcels from ’61. Kasia Staszko – vocals, Jacek Ruczko – guitar, Romek BaÅ‚tuszka – guitar, Jakub Roszkiewicz – bass and Wojtek Zamaro – drums put 12 (plus one bonus) on this “Hold!” and it’s actually a nice, extremely listenable album.

They didn’t re-invent anything, but they play smoothly a couple of nice songs and somehow it just feel alright. Put your sunglasses on, jump in your car and it’s time for a ride.

The Lollipops – Official Site
The Lollipops @ MySpace

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