Slaves To Fashion – Artistic Differences (2011)

“Crossing Over” in 2007 was released under the name P:O:B. but despite positive reviews worldwide, no label could be found to push the self released album to a wider audience. The Norwegian rockers didn’t give it up, they change their name into the more remarkable Slaves To Fashion and continue playing a music that is actually very opposite of fashionable. STF merging metal and progressive hard rock with new, consistent sounds and for their new album, “Artistic Differences” they write some quite catchy and fresh themes and songs. Frank Jaeger, a German journalist and friend of the band, decided to take matters in his own hands and founded Hands Of Blue Records with one specific goal: to release this album.
Progressive roots merged with gloomy textures, cutting edge riffs, pumping rock tempos and spacy construction, with some kind of A.O.R. (Adult Oriented Rock) feeling/after-taste, and not at least a couple of good songs and the fresh sound and the honesty and passion of their play, make this album at least interesting. This is a quality alternative rock album in its most authentic sense of being alternative and not the way some bands, but mainly the media use this term.
This might not be revolutionary, but still it feels good.

Slaves To Fashion – Official Site
Slaves To Fashion @ MySpace
Hands Of  Blue Records

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