Romane – Swing for ninine (2011)

Born in Paris in 1959, Patrick Leguidecoq, better known simply as Romane, is a jazz guitarist who plays in the style of Django Reinhardt. He plays in varies band formations, from duo to sextet such as Django Vision and the Roman Acoustic Quartet, and also have many collaborations, from Florin Niculescu with Didier Lockwood, Tchavolo Schmitt, Angelo Debarre to Stochelo Rosenberg. Armed with his trusty Maurice Dupont Selmer-style guitar, Romane creates flowing lines that dazzle with their rapid-fire pace and their sensuous musicality. His arpeggios and runs mix Django’s phrasing with a style that is all his own and Patrick Leguidecoq don’t to stay stuck in a particular style, he plays a sparking, flowing and colorful music shifting easily between styles and genres.
“Swing for ninine” is a smooth, sometimes quite dinner-jazz sound-like music mixture with sparking and alive, gypsy roots music, rich textures of guitars and pulsing rhythm schemes make this material boiling and breathing. Very fresh, very relaxing.

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