R.O.C.K. – Mirror Ball & Red Lights (2011)

All the fucking cliches of the so-called hair metal of the 80s were blended and put it together in the act of this super-group from Finland. Acclaimed producer Anchi Kippo (platinum selling for Children Of Bodom), Hmi Pöyhiä (from Twilightning) on vocals, Sami Leppikangas (from Lullacry) on guitar and Toni Paananen (Malpractice, ex-To/Die/For) on drums, delivered the absolute icon of kitsch metal. I didn’t ever imagined to her all that “do you wanna rock with me”, “party all night and day”, “I’m breaking up with you, bye, bye”, “good girls gone bad” and so and so on idiotic lyrics on the same record. R.O.C.K. are the Monty Python of the rock scene. They make references to “Mötley Crue plays Backstreet Boys”, but it’s reminds me eventually of the Swedish Europe. Instead R.O.C.K. a better name would be New Kids On the Rock… 😆 😆 😆 This is fuckin’ unbelievable.

And the only trouble is that they seems to take it absolutely seriously while it’s quite a parody, a cartoon of rock music, a mixture of cliches and out-dated schemes. I thought nothing can be worst than Def Leppard and once again, I was fucking wrong. Joe “clown” Elliott is a fucking genius. Still, Hmi Pöyhiä have a great rock voice while Joe Elliott after all these years still can link more than two notes… And I have to admit, R.O.C.K. plays actually quite impeccably all that collection of cliches. Europe meets Def Leppard and Alice Cooper from 1989-1991 (“Trash”/”Hey Stoopid”) – “Venomous is your love” (instead “Poison” 😆 ) and we’re pretty there where R.O.C.K. are. Some things are better off dead.
We’re living in a world full of idiots who thought they are fucking smarter than the other idiots and well, I think it’s sad, but still, fucking funny.

R.O.C.K. – Official Site
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