Proyecto Mirage – Slaves Of Capital (2011)

Reminds me of Atari Teenage Riot and their latest release, “Is This Hyperreal”, “Sleves Of Capital” is the 6th full-length album by this duo from Madrid, Spain, consist of Alicia H. Willen and Francisco Planellas. Proyecto Mirage was founded in 1990 and took off from the sound and style of the classic electro-pop bands of that time. Influences comes from bands such as Esplendor Geometrico, Whitehouse, SPK and in the journey to found they own sound, Proyecto Mirage merged both pop and industrial orientations of industrial music with drum´n´bass, techno and Rock elements delivering harsh, hard electronic music.
Once again, the spanish duo delivered an excellent album full of noisy, extremely explosive techno-industrial, complemented with classic ebm, hardcore techno, 80’s electropop and contemporary electronica components.

Following their previous release, “Turn it on”, released in 2008, Proyecto Mirage continue with their high-speed dance floor blasts, distorted 80s nostalgia, merging disturbing noise layers with pounding breaks and rhythms, sick sounds with tasteful melodies. 11 tracks which will blow your speakers and can set your nights on fire down in the club.

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