Michael Monroe – Sensory Overdrive (2011)

While the most influential glam punk band has been the New York Dolls in the 70s, the 80s had the Finnish Hanoi Rocks which were formed in 1979 and had a major influence Poison, L.A. Guns, Ratt and Guns N’ Roses, as well as Manic Street Preachers, Murderdolls, Skid Row and the Foo Fighters have admitted being Hanoi Rocks fans and they open the way to the success for other Finish bands such HIM. Drummer Rezzel death’s in 1984 – caused by a car crash for which responsible was Mötley Crüe’s lead singer Vince Neil – had a big impact on the band and they broke up next year. Considered a “rebirth”, not a reformation of Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy rejoined in 2001 and released three more albums, but split once again in 2007. Michael Monroe sung on eight Hanoi Rocks albums, one Jerusalem Slim and one Demolition 23. album and “Sensory Overdrive” is his eight studio album.

At the age of 49, Michael Monroe seems to be the same glam rock icon as three decades away, “Sensory Overdrive” still rocks and on one hand it has the good-old charm but also the sparking freshness and energy of the glam rock. “’78” sounds just as any good glam punk anthem should and the whole album is just another fine piece of glam revival.
The bands new guitarist is Dregen, the former member of the Swedish sleaze rock outfit, Backyard Babies and also former member of The Hellacopters.
The band currently are touring with Foo Fighters, so, let’s rock!

Michael Monroe – Official Site
Michael Monroe @ MySpace

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