Heroin and Your Veins – Lovely Bone Structure (2011)

I stumbled into this accidentally on the Bandcamp, but well, I still don’t believe there is anything accidental in this life, so…Heroin and Your Veins is a one-man band started in 2006 by Janne Perttula in Tampere, Finland and Solina Records released the debut album entitled “Dead People’s Trails” in August 2007. The second album is called “Nausea” and it was released in April 2009 by Verdura Records. It is available also on Bandcamp for 8 Euro. “Lovely Bone Structure” is one single track last for 48 minutes, it was released on 19 April 2011 and only available in the internet at Bandcamp and “name your price” actually means that you can downloaded even for free typing zero. Well, it’s not quite polite, but… I think art and artists deserves our support in a world where everything becomes more and more plastic, fake and prefabricated.

There are some pieces from his previous releases available for free download at the mp3 section on his official site. “Lovely Bone Structure” is a gloomy, slow flowing and glowing track, “night music” as Janne Perttula defined it, constructed on a dark blues theme its reminds me of David Lynch and “The Man from Another Place” from the psychotic Twin Peaks…. So, it’s pretty strange, perhaps a little bit quite linear, but still pretty charming.
And it seems it’s not quite accidental that I remembered Lynch. Janne Perttula said about his music: “Heroin and Your Veins is music for the sake of music, given birth by my subconscious with spontaneity as a midwife. I am influenced by a variety of things from Chet Baker’s death to Tom Waits’s sense of humour and from David Lynch’s ideas to Chesterfield cigarettes. I don’t know what a good describing word for my music would be. It is instrumental, because I’m not sure if I want to tell anyone anything and if I even have anything to tell. It is incorrect to say this is a solo project. Projects have beginnings and endings, Heroin and Your Veins doesn’t. It is because it is.”

Heroin and Your Veins – Official Site
Heroin and Your Veins @ Bandcamp
Heroin and Your Veins @ MySpace
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