Genocide Organ – Under-Kontrakt (2011)

In an interview in June 99 they said: “We never say what we think, and we never believe what we say, and if we tell the truth by accident, we hide it under so many lies that it is difficult to find out”. They were talking bout them self, but it’s quite true generally speaking. From the moment when information is overflowing and filtered, truth stops existing and I believe, that was the end of democracy as once Greece defined it. “Genocide Organ have provoked reaction from listeners – be those extremists who perceive the group have certain sympathies that align with their own, or vocal detractors labeling the group as racist, fascist, or more crudely – hate mongers. likewise for those listeners intelligent enough or otherwise uninterested in making such simplistic and polarized views of Genocide Organ, merely the extremity of sound can likewise provoke reactions from revulsion through to pure pleasure, the pleasures received in pain is an amply adage here.”
Formed back in 1986, Genocide Organ explore the borders of industrial and power electronics, sometimes reminds me of the 80s militarist Laibach, the pioneering Slovenian band which majorly influenced the German electro/industrial scene and being the source of inspiration for the so-called Neue Deutsche Härte fulminating by the outbreak of bands such as Rammstain, but as well, Genocide Organ reminds me of some experimental moments of the Chicago based Martin Atkins’s Pigface.

Racists or not – still, I hope not -, I don’t have a fucking clue, but I have in mind what my “evil twin” American “bro” Marilyn Manson said: “Capitalism has made it this way, / Old-fashioned fascism will take it away” (The Beautiful People) and looking around now days it’s pretty clear, capitalism it’s dead as it is, still, nobody seems to give a fuck about it. And well, Manson were labeled fascist as well, while I deeply believe just like back in the 80s Laibach used to, it’s only a matter of symbolism, rather than literally speaking of. On the other hand, in the matter of racism, I stay tuned also on Manson’s lyrics: “There’s no time to discriminate, hate every motherfucker that’s in your way”…

“Under-Kontrakt” is the bands first new release since the 2005 “In-Konflikt” and six years are a huge lap. Wilhelm Herich – the replacement for the former frontman Roland Freisler, Doc M. Riot, D.A.X. and the new fourth member is B. Moloch (also member of the project Anenzephalia) are creating a gloomy, mysterious, tensioned sound (or noise) scape. It’s interesting, but sometimes a little bit too “German”, too monotone and linear, it left me with the feeling there is no finalization in it, their music seems to be more a message carrier, kind of soundtrack rather than music by itself. Still, on “Under-Kontrakt” there are a few interesting moments between, they actually managed to create a dark, sometimes scary atmosphere.

Quoting from the official release: “Now in 2011 the world is challenged by wellknown old and antic patterns and presumed economic reasons. That of military contractors – whether it have been the cretian archers, the celtic cavlery, the germanic body guards, the swiss guards – muslim or christian motivated soldiers, Spartans and Greeks – European or Asian – UN Forces or private contractors – those people always seeked more than money – the record here deals with the overall topic of mercenary or more. Like always Genocide Organ´s music is straight forward – expanding all genres and categories. A powerful assault and aggressive undertone interchanges with a dense depressive mood – all tracks are new but have been partly played live during their last live appearance. The record is an experience.”

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