Dexessus – Punish me with Love (2011)

Generalizing, Dexessus might be the Russian answer for Rammstein. Metalic, heavy riffings, electrifying sampler layers, deep and strong male vocals mainly spoken and spiting the words and as a nice addition, some smoother female vocals, and this dialogue offering them a special sound, makes the difference. Marching tempos, aggressive guitars, colorful textures and the catchy themes full of adrenaline are the winning schemes of Dexessus. It reminds me – obviously – of the collaboration of Rammstein with t.A.T.u.. “Накажи меня любовью” (Punish Me with Love) is an absolutely correct industrial metal album from this band from Odessa.

As they says: “The lyrics draw images of fantasy warrior and man-made disasters, that change people’s lives forever. The other side opens up a world of secret desires, vulgar world of fantasy and of open love. The passion that lives in each one of us.” Merged with their powerful, pumping music, Dexessus is a band to memorize their name and listen to it.

Dexessus – Official Site
Dexessus @ MySpace

Dexessus – Танцуйте Шлюхи (Live)

Dexessus | Myspace Music Videos

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