8in8 – Nighty Night (2011)

This is an ambitious project gathering together Amanda Palmer – performer, she was the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls, Neil Gaiman – author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, etc, Ben Folds – singer, songwriter, musician and Damian Kulash – vocalist and guitarist of OK Go, for an exciting experiment. Monday, on April 25th, the four musicians joins in Boston at the Rethink Music conference to explore/re-conceptualize the entire notion of artistic creation and its mechanical dissemination and human reception in these topsy-turvy modern times of ours. The original goal was to write and record eight songs in eight hours, after then play a concert and forther release the album. The effort resulting in 6 songs in 12 hours, entitled “Nighty Night”. In addition, the entire process was streamed live on Youtube, lasting from 4 pm on April 22nd to 4 am on April 23rd.

“Nighty Night” is a smooth, floating and flowing indie album, every one left his own “fingerprint” on this album and the result is absolutely lovely. My favorite is the pretty OK Go taste-like “One Tiny Thing”, the groovy “I’ll Be My Mirror”, the pumping “Nikola Tesla”, the smooth waving “Because the Origami” and the funny “The Problem With Saints” (“So I’m hoping that she’ll ignore my English accent in her war ‘Cause it’s really hard to hang around with saints”), but all the six songs are absolutely nice and you can download them for only $1 from Bandcamp page

. I think it was an absolutely successful collaborative effort, an exciting experiment with worth our full attention.

8in8 – Official Site

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