Nitro – We Are Nitro (2011)

Alexander Hacke (from Einstürzende Neubauten) teamed up with director, writer, producer and actor Fatih Akın in 2005 and made an exciting journey through Istanbul and its music scene. That’s how I discovered Istanbul and bands like Duman, Baba Zula, Orient Expressions, Replikas and few others. That was “Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul.” Later I saw the city with my own eyes and listen to bands suck as maNga. So, that from Turkey comes interesting bands it’s not a surprise for me anymore. Nitro delivering hardcore punk in the vein of The Exploited, the early sound of Suicidal Tendencies. “We are Nitro” consist in 14 pumping tracks and it’s an excellent debut album of this four piece band: Erdem Çapar – Vocal, Emre Manav – Guitar, Burak Özgüney – Bass and Alican ErbaÅŸ – Drums.

“Suicide Trip”, “Ben de Seni”, “My Old Shoes”, “Tell Me Something”, “Köyün Delisi”, “Is this the world we cremated?” or “We Are Nitro” are few of their best songs, but the whole album is intense, high adrenaline hardcore punk.
The band was founded in 2005 by Emre & Erdem and later Burak joined. After a couple of drummers in the band, they recorded their first EP named “We Sold Our Souls For Punk Metal” with Fatih Kanık on drums.
A few other drummers came and go and finally they found Alican. Their recorded the album in Beefsound Studios in November & December 2010 and it was produced and mixed by Deniz Tuncer. The album will be available via the band’s website on April 23, 2011.

Nitro – Official Site
Nitro – on Bandcamp

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