Moby – Destroyed (2011)

“All unattended luggage will be destroyed.” Moby’s flight was delayed on the LaGuardia Airport, so he decided to explore the airport. On a corridor he saw an electronic sign that said “all unattended luggage will be destroyed”, and since the sign could only fit one word at a time, he waited until the word “destroyed” appeared and took a snap-shot. The tenth studio album by Moby will be released on May 16, 2011 and it contains 15 brand new songs. Some critics already labeled as Moby’s worst album up to date, but I think it’s just once again a different path which Moby chosen to explore. “Destroyed” is like a series of snap-shots of contemporary ambiental/electronic music. Actually I miss myself a few nervous-breakdowns, some hardcore explosions, a few noisy turns, but I’m also realistic enough to don’t expect no more “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver” from Moby.
On the other hand, “Destroyed” it’s quite enjoyable. Moby is the same subtle and sensitive songwriter, instrumentalist, rock-like constructions are merged into ambiental textures and exciting sound layers, he’s new compositions are very spacy and have some mysterious perfume, intimate atmosphere.
Also, a photography book of the same name will be released in conjunction with the album, shots taken by Moby at the same time in the same airport as the cover art.
“Destroyed” fits in the line of Moby’s latest works, it’s not such a big surprise after all, maybe this time Moby get just a little bit too quiet, maybe kind of softer. But well, I like this soft approach, it’s chill. And “Destroyed” it’s sounds pretty personal, intimate, it’s about alienation and loneliness, that kind of XXI century loneliness when while we’re together, still we’re all alone. And it’s scary.

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