HammerFall – Infected (2011)

Although Hector is missing from the cover of the eight studio album by HammerFall and the originally planed album cover was replaced after negative reception and some disputes, the fans can breath released, HammerFall delivered the same heavy/power metal album as usual. And it’s quite enough to listen their second track, “Bang Your Head” and you will know exactly what kind of metal came out from the kitchen of this Gothenburg, Sweden based band. HammerFall right from the beginning in 1993 get on this old-school, traditional heavy/power metal path marked by the work of predecessors as Helloween and mainly other German bands and they are still committed and devoted to the traditional approach delivering a same trip-back to the glorious 80s.
Some may be worried because they chose to work with American producer James Michael (Sixx: A.M.) who previously worked with artists including Alanis Morissette, Meat Loaf, Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, Hilary Duff, The Rasmus, Papa Roach, Trapt, American Bang, Saliva, The Exies, Deana Carter, Sammy Hagar, Lillix, Sarah Kelly, Taylor Momsen, Halestorm, Jack’s Mannequin, Brides of Destruction and Marion Raven, but there’s no reason for sweating: HammerFall sounds heavy, monumental and just the same. Eventually some tracks, as “”Send Me a Sign”, sounds a little bit more American, have a Manowar taste, but that still keeps HammerFall in the most traditional area of metal.

For conservative headbangers this is another moment of celebration, for those who have no nostalgia of the 80s heavy metal, this may be just another miss-dated release or a perfect opportunity to discover the traditional values of heavy metal. HammerFall know exactly what made that metal heavy and powerful.

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