Geskia! – Alien (2011)

This is an open invitation to a trip into the unknown. A mysterious space filled with broken beats, sparking textures and unidentified noises. Geskia!’s concept is to reproduce the life around him, to reflect the connections between him and others, and to manifest his perspective about the world musically. Merging downbeat and trip hop structures with industrial noises and meditative textures, sparking harmonies, Geskia! build an exciting universe with beautiful moving pictures, unexpected turns and blinding highlights. Geskia! have an absolute positive vibe, it’s warm, full of energy and flowing groove, this electronic music seems very breathing and alive. Geskia! try to reach out and communicate in his own, particular way, he gives expression to his feelings and expect feedback.
Geskia! – from Tokyo, Japan – started off his journey of exploration and sound making in 2001, and became a part of the down-beat unit “coma5”. He’s debut album was released in 2007, called “Silent77” and followed in 2009 by “President IDM”. “Alien” was released on February 2 and it’s another chapter of diving into the universe of sounds and emotions made by Geskia! in his sparking and pulsing style.

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