Friendly Fires – Pala (2011)

It was a time – not so long ago – when “punk” meant anarchy, molotovs, iron stakes, chains, well, it’s not necessarily about violence, but about attitude, revolt. Associations like “dance” and “punk” would be labeled abnormal or at least unacceptable. Times change. “Soap bubble” punk it’s absolutely natural now days. Everything is for sell is the spirit, isn’t it? Consumerism high standards. Sid Vicious was a punk who died in vain. At least I have a better perspective why Cobain put a nice hole in his head. Now the things make other sense.
When The Guardian and NME kissing your ass like crazies, things are pretty clear. But to hell with all my goddamn prejudices, “Pala” it’s a nice, pulsing, quite danceable collection of songs. It has nothing to do with punk, and well, in my deeply unprofessional opinion, not even with other acts labeled “dance punk”, but still, this is a better dance product than many others.

At age 14, the members formed their first band, a post-hardcore outfit called First Day Back at St. Albans School. But hell yeah, they grow up and between a day job and hardcore, they decided to re-orientate them self to “lush shoegaze melodies” and more classic pop songwriting approach.
In late 2007, they became the first unsigned band to appear on Channel 4’s Transmission programme. They have toured extensively, featured in North American television commercials for Nintendo’s Wii Fit and “On Board” is also featured in the trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5.
The debut album was released on September, 1 2008 through XL Recordings and the album was certified double gold in the UK, the band was nominated for a Best Breakthrough Award at The South Bank Show Awards and for “Best Dancefloor Filler” at the NME Awards, they were also second on the bill on the NME Awards Tour 2009, they was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and for two Brit Awards: Best British Group and British Breakthrough Act.
As I said, “Pala”, their second effort it’s an absolutely nice and correct dance music album. Nothing more, nothing less, maybe just a little bit better than the most. It’s a groovy mixture of euro-trance and modern dance music.

Friendly Fires – Official Site

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