Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs (2011)

Fans of Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder probably salivating in anticipation of Vedder’s second solo album. I admit, I lost my appetite for Pearl Jam and Mr. Vedder gradually, last time I found something valuable to notice on “Vitalogy” and well, it was long-long time ago, back in 1994. On the other hand, “Into the Wild” released in 2007 it wasn’t that bad, but still, “Backspacer” erased definitively any expectations from this guys forever. There will be no more “Ten”, and nothing like Temple of the Dog for example. Featuring a number of original and cover songs that Vedder penned and first played live, but never released on record, “Ukulele Songs” includes a uke version of Pearl Jam’s 2002 track “Can’t Keep”, guest appearance by vocalists Glen Hansard on the Everly Brothers cover “Sleepless Nights” and Cat Power on “Tonight You Belong To Me.” Actually, I think when Mr. Vedder take a look in the mirror he probably see Neil Yong. It’s cool, what can I say, but well, untrue.
I still like Mr. Vedder’s voice, but “Ukulele Songs” – unfortunately – contains no songs. It’s just a crappy collection of tasteless, shapeless, faceless, and few more “less”, pale and meaningless acoustic tunes. Vedder is not Neil Young, much more he doesn’t seem even a grow up adult person, maybe just a crybaby or directly a… pussy. And all my apologies for this expression, I actually do love pussies. But what Mr. Vedder produced once again it’s nothing but deep and acute emptiness. I’m sure fans will be ecstatic, and I bet he will got his share of praises from Rolling Stone Magazine and Billboard, but still, this is absolutely pity and uninspired.
At least the cover is good. Representing an underwater sculpture called “The Lost Correspondent” by artist Jason deCaires Taylor which sits 8 meters (just about 26.5 feet) down in the ocean located near the West Indian island of Grenada. Actually this is the only interesting thing about the new Mr. Vedder album.

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