Dolls Of Pain – The Last Conflict (2011)

This is the 4th album by French band Dolls Of Pain which lead us through the shady side of the contorted human soul once again. This is a wicked world made of leather and latex, conflicts and torture, sex, lies and jealousy. Musically, Dolls of Pain is a mixture of Dark Electro/EBM, resonating New Wave left-overs and reminiscences of Synth Pop and filtered Industrial textures with some rocking guitar riffs. There persist some unavoidable parallels with Front 242, the Belgian pioneers of the Dark Electronic music, but Cédric aka VDB42 – synthetic keys/2nd vocals and Olivier aka Machine – guitars/keyboards programming/composing, the two core members of the group, managed to write some interesting themes, “The Last Conflict” is a quality and absolutely correct album of the genre.
The band was formed in February 2003 by Olivier and Cedric, the current line-up includes Laurent aka Notre Guide – vocals/lyrics and Philippe aka Darx – live sound engineer/mastering/webmaster.
Since 2004, Dolls of Pain have toured more than 70 times in France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Netherland, Luxembourg and Germany.
After three albums and three free on-line compilations of remix published by Urgency Disk Records and A-R-P, the band singed to Advoxya Records.
“The Last Conflict” contains 13 brand new tracks, it’s a full of energy, pumping material in the best tradition of the European EBM/Industrial scene and sound. This time the more use of the guitar brings a more aggressive tone to the dark wave melodies and this is a good blending of rock approach and electronic construction. Get your ticket to this trip to your own dark side, it’s a hell of a trip.

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