Devin Townsend Project – Ghost (2011)

Devin is probably one of the most talented rock artist of the 21st century, he always find a way to surprise us, to explore a new path, to create and share exciting music and feelings with us. And I think we should thank for this. “Ghost” is the closing act of the four piece release started with “Ki” in 2009 and followed the same year by “Addicted”. “Ki” was an exciting incursion into a world of ambiental, jazz, blues and rock blending and “Addicted” lead us into the area of power pop/alternative metal. This year “Deconstruction” and its nine tracks drive us into the contorted, gloomy world of post-metal madness, it was a mind-blowing return to the noisy constructions of the Strapping Young Lad era. As Devin promised, “Ghost” is the mellowest one. And “mellow” is the word that quite fits this material.
DRENCH by Devin Townsend!

“Drench” it seems to be a leftover song from the album and was shared by Townsend on his official SoundCloud account.
Working with Dave Young – keyboards and mandolin, Mike St. Jean – drums and Kat Epple – flute, while Devin providing guitars, bass, vocals, banjo and… ambiance, “Ghost” and its almost 73 minutes it’s a quiet, surrealistic construction of 12 songs. This is a beautiful, looking-inside, self searching and probably self founding, meditative and cinematic release. Devin is a wizard, I have no doubts, this was a tea-break or just a dream projected on a cloudy sky, and now I’m pretty curious what will be on the upcoming “Epicloud”…

Devin Townsend – Official Site
Devin Townsend @ MySpace


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