Boris – Heavy Rocks (2011)

After “New Album” released on March 16, 2011, Boris are back with the promised two new records, “Heavy Rocks” and “Attention Please”. “Riot Sugar”  kick off heavily as it we probably expected while Boris declared that they try to redefine “heavy” and the new “Heavy Rocks” has the same name and cover style as their album released in 2002, although the cover now is purple instead of orange. “Leak -Truth, yesnoyesnoye” sounds a little bit more mysterious and liquid, although the guitar remains heavy and some cutting edge riffs maintain the pulse and once again Boris managed to merged into one their rock and their experimental sides. “GALAXIANS”  explode like a punk-rock anthem to twist into some noisy garage rock tune with some heavy metal riffs. It’s (another) crazy stuff, so it’s absolutely Boris. “Jackson Head” featured on the previous album, this is a different mix, it’s dirty, it’s pulsing, it’s rawness in essence. “Missing Pieces” is a quiet, looking-inside song with a sparking, heavy glow and weight, over 12 minutes of flow. “Key” is two minutes made of noises and screaming guitar, it’s grinding slow into “Window Shopping” another explosion of… “heavy rocks” in classic Boris trademarks. “Tu, La La” is the second track remixed from the previous album, it’s kind of typical Japanese rock, harmonies and noises overlapping each other while the sound is quite raw, garage like. “Aileron” is the link between “Heavy Rocks” and “Attention Please”, this is another over 12 minutes of gloomy exploration into the dark and heavy, grinding and glowing area of experimental music. “Czechoslovakia” closing the set, it’s under two minutes and it’s almost a thrash metal massacre.
Fans know what Boris means, the rest should give a try and taste it.

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Boris, Porto Rio

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