Thursday – No Devolucion (2011)

If someone still recalls the “genre” named AOR, then Thursday probably may be labeled as adult oriented hardcore. From emo they come a long way, but up to date, Thursday are a mature band, their music is dense, but still mysteriously airy, discrete pianos and nervous guitar riffs are nicely overlapping and shifting from mood to mood. “No Devolución” it’s like Sigur Rós plays some Fugazi songs. It’s strange, but beautiful, almost hypnotic.
Thursday was formed in 1997 and in the summer of 1999, teamed up with for their first official release, the 1999 “Summer Tour” EP. Their debut album, “Waiting” was released on December 6, 1999 on Eyeball Records without any singles or support from television or radio. Hesitant to join a larger label, but with full support from Eyeball Records, Thursday signed to Victory Records and released their second album, “Full Collapse” in 2001. Victory Records filmed a music video for “Understanding in a Car Crash” consisting of live footage of the band and marketed the song as the band’s first single, without the band’s authorization. The video for this song received heavy airplay on both MTV2 and Muchmusic. The song gained the band a large underground following.

Having parted ways with Victory Records and joining Island Records, Thursday issued their major label debut, the critically acclaimed “War All the Time” in 2003. “A City by the Light Divided” was released in 2006 and produced by Dave Fridmann. Next year the band parted ways with Island Records and they announced on September 30, 2008 that they’d signed with Epitaph Records. “Common Existence” which was released in February 2009.

Consisting of 12 songs, “No Devolución” is a colorful, pumping material, it has something from the strange shine of Joy Division, but still keeps some hardcore roots, it’s an exciting and interesting blending of extremely different approaches, but everything comes together and fits perfectly. Impressive.

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