Steve Miller Band – Let Your Hair Down (2011)

Well, I’m really not expecting that the emo-generation remember “Abracadabra”, one quite famous hit of ’82, but my generation at least know this one. Actually, Mr. Miller had kicked off back in ’67…
Formed the Steve Miller Blues Band at Chicago, they shortened their name to the Steve Miller Band and they backed Chuck Berry at a gig at the Fillmore West which was released as a live album. In May 1968,  in England, they recorded their debut album titled “Children Of The Future”. Their second album called “Sailor” appeared same year in October, and climbed the Billboard chart to #24, successes included the singles “Livin’ In The USA”, “Lucky Man”, “Overdrive” and “Dime-A-Dance Romance”.
The Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits 1974-1978 has sold over 13 million copies and Miller continues to perform successful sold-out concert performances. “Abracadabra” was the twelfth album by the band released in 1982 and it has been certified Platinum in the United States and gave the band a #1 hit with the title track. While “Abracadabra” was quite a more dance orientated song, in fact Steve Miller Band remains a classic blues rock band. The song holds the record for the biggest drop out of the Top 10/Top 40 on the Hot 100. In the fall of 1982, as the song was moving down the chart, “Abracadabra” fell 38 spots from #10 to #48 in one week, on the other hand is listed at #70 on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of all time.

“Let Your Hair Down” make no difference, it’s a classy, good-old polished blues rock album with 10 new recordings of the band. I’m not very often listening blues stuffs, but “Let Your Hair Down” was a pretty refreshing outbreak from too many so-called post, indie and alternative shits I’m swallowing daily.

The Steve Miller Band – Official Site

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