Snowman – Absence (2011)

Even after 2008 Snowman relocated to London from Perth, Western Australia, they still kept that ancient, mystic, native Australian perfume in their music and “Hyena” have that hypnotizing brightness which floating around in gentle circles and ties you down smoothly. It’s simply beautiful and have a discrete charm and powerful magnetism. Diving deeper into “Absence” we will discover a multi-dimensional world made of subtle synthesizer layers, tribal percussion and drums, discrete guitars and amplifier feedback, and mysterious vocals. Sometimes everything seems pretty strange or untouchable and distant, but it’s vibrating and addictive. It’s a mixture of World music, Psychedelic and Ambiental music, soundtrack like music for a movie eventually played backward, back to a forgotten, obscure or even vanished universe from the dawn of the times.

Andy Citawarman  – guitar, vocals, violin, keys;  Joseph McKee  – guitar, vocals, gammalan; Olga Hermanniusson – bass, vocals, saxophone and Ross DiBlasio – drums, percussion released another beautiful and full of wanderings album. Perfumes of Dead Can Dance melting with aromas from King Crimson and will charmed you. The name Snowman may not jump out at the average Europeans or North Americans, but in the quartet’s hometown of Perth, Australia, a snowman is actually somewhat exotic – given that the city has only recorded one temperature below freezing in its entire history. And exotic, I guess it is, this “Absence” as well.

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