Silverstein – Rescue (2011)

I discovered Silverstein back in 2009 when they released their previous album “A Shipwreck in the Sand”, a colorful, intense, modern Metal album. The Canadian band formed in 2000 at Burlington, Ontario, have been navigated from Emo to Screamo and while those labels seems uncomfortable and commercially more and more unproductive, they switched to the much generous Post-hardcore. Well, as I said “A Shipwreck in the Sand” was a powerful and very inspired release and the first concept album by the band. Meanwhile the band moved to a new home, Hopeless Records and “Rescue” marks their first album release for the new label and maybe they were under some pressure…

“Rescue” contains of 12 new songs, but including also two songs from the band’s previously released EP album “Transitions”. Comparing to “A Shipwreck in…” the new album seems kind of softer, less abrasive, more Billboard orientated. They still have some good riffs, melodious and screamed vocals alternate dynamically, have some crushing themes and intense tempos, but somehow I miss some more nerve, maybe kind of honesty. Silverstein slipped to an area where are plenty of similar bands and this “style” more and more loose its shine, become faceless. “Rescue” sounds too mediocre, even some of the better themes are alternated by too obvious cliches. “The Artist” – which seems to be their promotional single and already benefit a video – it’s a good song, perhaps one of their best and heavier from the new album, it’s still not enough to save the general impression. Billboard sucks dude, forget about it, with one eye on the charts music just simply dies, turn off the fuckin’ eMpTyVee and make some real fuckin’ noise next time!

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