Grendel – Corrupt to the Core (2011)

Another name, two bands use it, it’s pity and annoying. For both of them. There is one Grendel from Netherlands formed in 1997 and playing Aggrotech/Post Industrial music, and Gendel we’re talking about now, from Finland, formed in 1999 originally using the name Crimson Sky – another name used by more than one artist… Hey, what’s wrong with you people?! Seriously… Leaving aside the legal issues: be imaginative, creative, don’t drive drunk, drugs are bad and stuffs like that.
So, they shift their name into Grendel in 2000 and recorded their first EP “Broken Dream”. Vocalist Vocalist Jarno Blom leave the band one year later, they bring in 2002 Mikko Virtanen to the microphone and record another EP: “Fight Against Time”. The first album, “Lost Beyond Retrieval” was recorded in 2005 and released one year later. In 2008 they sing a record deal with Firebox Records and released their second album “A Change Through Destruction”. Last year they recorded their third album, this “Corrupt to the Core”. Consist of 10 powerful songs, Grendel blending traditional Power Metal with modern, now days approach and sounds, simplifying “to the core” the description, it’s like a deadly crush between Children Of Bodom and Stratovarius. Sometimes they have Progressive taste like Dream Theater, but also some riffs with the nerve of Pantera and roots back to classic Thrash bands such as Testament. It’s an intense and interesting material, it has good groove and heavy moments are contrasting with calmer constructions. Mikko Virtanen – vocals, Mika Kivi and Jussi Kraft – guitars, Kari Martikainen – bass, Juha Terrilä – keyboards and Jarkko Piipari – drums write and record a strong material with a couple of very good moments.

Grendel – Official Site
Firebox Records

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