Fear Nuttin Band – Move Positive (2011)

I’m not the kind of person who relaxing often. Probably pretty strange, I do not use dopes, not even weeds, joints, whatever. It’s hard to imagine a joint without raggae or raggae without a joint. 😀 And I’m not really a raggae consumer as well. Fear Nuttin Band delivering raggae with rock, Jamaica like aromas with guitar riffs. They are not actually a Rage Against the Machine, not quite an Asian Dub Foundation, but still have some rock like roots mixed up in their raggae tunes. The Fear Nuttin Band sound is as diverse as the cultures the band members represent. The hot West Indian sun incubated the talents of front men Roosta (Vox), Prowla (Vox), while instrumentalists Christafari Regan (Gtr), Jay Chung (Gtr & Vox), Brian Daigle (Bass) and Mike Fuchs (Drums) represent New England’s finest. They mentioned “their musical roots fusing the intensity of metal, the rhythm of Jamaican dance hall and the social consciousness of hip hop”, but don’t expect any too intense rock/metal stuffs, their music is warm and waving, have a positive vibe and groove.

And actually, from time to time, it’s nice to relax a little bit, leave the worries aside and lay back on the couch. It’s working even without a joint, trust me. And Fear Nuttin Band seems quite perfect for a moment like this. Rebellion? Well, maybe later…. 🙂 May I have a Margarita?

Fear Nuttin Band – Official Site

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