Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal (2011)

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According to the dictionary, “debauchery” means indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition. So, let’s have some scandalous fun! The horror and fantasy world melt into noisy, powerful metal in the hands of these guys from Stuttgart, Germany. Honestly, I was a little bit afraid of another Running Wild or something, but hell no, Debauchery are kicking like a mule and they are heavy like the elephant shit! Try to imagine a freaky mixture of Gwar, Rob Zombie and add some traditional Thrash and Death – eventually Kreator – flavor to it and you will get the idea what’s Debauchery sounds like. But what actually I really like about this “Germany’s Next Death Metal” is the fact that they write some great songs and have a fantastic groove.

11 grinding, intense songs and as a crown at the end, a killer cover of Alice Cooper’s classic “Shool’s Out”. Debauchery toured and shared the stage with bands as Six Feet Under, Napalm Death, Destruction, played at festivals like Wacken and Summerbreeze and recently the main-man Thomas Gurrath lost his job at school because of the violent lyrics and brutal artworks of his band, but their debut album “Kill Maim Burn” released in 2003 and re-issued was a sold out and I’m goddamn sure, “Germany’s Next Death Metal” will bring only more and more fans (and fame) for them. And they worth it. Since Rammstein, Debauchery it’s the best German product I heard. This is a fucking slaughter, but death (and sex) will always entertain, isn’t it?

Debauchery – Official Site

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